Project Goals and Objectives



1) The development of new capture technologies to improve performance and reduce the cost. This will be achieved mainly through the successful synthesis and optimisation of Ionic Liquid solvents. 

2) The implementation of flow sheet and reactor design modifications to the standard capture process. The verification index of this objective is to prove a 30-50% reduction in the reboiler duty by inducing flow sheet modifications, such as inter-stage temperature control on the scrubber and heat integrated stripping as well as automated control of the process conditions and optimised scrubber design through integration of a novel technology for on-line monitoring the temperature profiles of the fluids in the scrubbing/stripping towers. 

3) Prove the Technoeconomic feasibility of CO2 transportation to storage site. The verification index of this objective is the optimization of basic CO2 transportation scenarios fulfilling the downstream requirements of the Prinos oil field for EOR, while being able to cope with future expansion possibilities of the system to accommodate larger CO2 quantities for storage from the North-Western Macedonia power production region.

4) Enhance Oil Recovery of Prinos active oil field using captured CO2 in conjunction with geological storage of CO2 in the oil field. The verification index of this objective is the increase of residual oil recovery and the amount of CO2 stored within the field. 

5) Ensure and demonstrating the safe and long-term effectiveness of CO2 storage. The success index of this objective is the design of the safety, monitoring and verification system of CO2 storage that will comply with the rules of the EC Directive (Directive 2009/31/EC of the European Commission).

6) Public Awareness and Social Acceptance. The success indicator of the work towards the social acceptance will be defined by the end of the project and may be the positive opinion of the communities of the North- Northeast Greece where the project’s outcome may find application in an integrated CCS process.